TABLE 5 Reasons for Seeking IUD Removala (N = 158)
No. (%)
Want to become pregnant68 (43.0)
Side effects/health concerns41 (25.9)
Husband/partner disapproves32 (20.3)
Other family member disapproves11 (7.0)
Infrequent sex/husband away9 (5.7)
Became pregnant while using4 (2.5)
Don’t want to give a reason4 (2.5)
Wants more effective method3 (1.9)
Marital dissolution/separation3 (1.9)
Completion of effective duration of use2 (1.3)
I don’t think I can be pregnant/menopausal1 (0.6)
Lack of access/too far for facility1 (0.6)
Otherb7 (4.4)
  • a Women selected as many reasons as applied to their situation (categories are not mutually exclusive).

  • b Includes age, switched methods, and acquired a sexually transmitted infection.