Client Satisfaction, Perceptions, and Feedback on Family Planning Services in Four Nigerian States

Edo, %(n=105)Niger, %(n=186)Ogun, %(n=276)Plateau, %(n=172)Total, No. (%)(N=739)
Clients have sufficient time for consultation with health care provider
 No24. (7.8)
 Yes55.288.779.089.0594 (80.4)
 Sometimes20. (10.0)
 Refused to answer0. (1.8)
Preferred contraceptive method always available when clients visit
 No17. (6.5)
 Yes54.386.673.571.5544 (73.6)
 Sometimes20. (16.8)
 Refused to answer8. (3.1)
Client satisfied with current contraceptive method
 No6. (2.3)
 Yes81.096.890.297.7682 (92.3)
 Sometimes9. (2.7)
 Refused to answer2. (2.7)
Client knew what to do when having contraceptive related side effect
 No15. (5.3)
 Yes71.485.591.794.8650 (88.0)
 Sometimes10. (4.1)
 Refused to answer2. (2.7)
Feel you are being treated respectfully and kindly by the provider
 No21. (3.5)
 Yes64.892.590.698.3659 (89.2)
 Sometimes13. (4.6)
 Refused to answer0. (2.7)
Feeling judged by staff
 No62.990.990.298.3653 (88.4)
 Yes14. (4.6)
 Sometimes20. (4.2)
 Refused to answer1. (2.8)
Clients would like to visit the facility again or refer a friend/family member
 No15. (4.5)
 Yes81.099.590.295.9684 (92.6)
 Refused to answer3. (3.0)
Reasons why clients would visit facility/refer others
 Good quality of care received35.240.339.533.7279 (37.7)
 Good attitude of health personnel16.243.621.429.7208 (28.1)
 Right to make FP choice(s) (9.9)
 FP commodity in stock7. (8.3)
 Refused to answer26. (16.0)
  • Abbreviation: FP, family planning.