HIV Clinicians' Participation in Intervention-Prompted and Independent Study Behaviors

Intervention-Prompted Study Behaviors Among Intervention Group (n=53)
% of SMS quizzes answered, mean (SD)81.9 (23.1)
% of SMS quizzes correctly answered, mean (SD)52.0 (20.5)
% of daily hyperlinks accessed, mean (SD)18.1 (21.8)
Ever accessed online CME courses,a % (SD)60.4 (49.4)
Independent Study Behaviors Among Intervention and Control Groups Combinedb
Used medical textbooks (ref: 1–3 times/month or <1 time/month)61.7 (48.9)
Consulted with colleagues (ref: 1–3 times/month or <1 time/month)44.7 (50.0)
Researched online (ref: 1–3 times/month or <1 time/month)56.8 (49.8)
Researched website for medical professionals (ref: 1–3 times/month or <1 time/month)55.3 (50.0)
Reviewed HIV guidelines (ref: 1–3 times/month or <1 time/month)61.1 (49.0)
Reviewed scientific papers (ref: 1–3 times/month or <1 time/month)42.6 (49.7)
More use of medical textbooks than before (ref: the same or less)62.8 (48.6)
More consultation with colleagues than before (ref: the same or less)43.2 (49.8)
More research online than before (ref: the same or less)60.2 (49.2)
More visits to researched medical websites than before (ref: the same or less)56.8 (49.8)
More frequent review of HIV guidelines than before (ref: the same or less)62.4 (48.7)
More frequent reviews of scientific papers than before (ref: the same or less)50.5 (50.3)
Total number of study resources used 1–3 or 4 or more times/week, mean (SD)3.6 (2.7)
  • Abbreviations: CME, continuing medical education; SD, standard deviation; SMS, short message service.

  • a Among the entire study group (intervention and control group combined), 43.4% (SD=49.8) ever accessed the online CME courses.

  • b Sample size for the intervention and control group varied slightly for each indicator, from 93 to 95 individuals, depending on how many respondents answered each question.