TABLE 1 Characteristics of Study Samples in Ghana at Baseline (2012) and Follow-Up (2014)
CharacteristicsBaseline (N = 754)Follow-Up (N = 751)P Value
Female, %97.997.8.98a
Age, mean (SD), years31.1 (9.1)31.5 (9.1).64a
Married, %*a
Education, % distribution.16b
 Completed primary or some middle43.943.5
 Completed middle or some secondary13.918.5
 Completed secondary or above0.62.1
Child age, mean (SD), months29.3 (15.4)28.0 (13.9).31a
Diarrhea duration, mean (SD), days4.5 (3.0)4.3 (3.3).64a
Diarrhea with fever, %43.843.5.95a
Diarrhea with blood, %*a
Wealth index score,c mean (SD)0.58 (0.2)0.59 (0.1).70a
Wealth quintile, % distribution.008***b
 First (poorest)23.414.3
 Fifth (wealthiest)0.60.3
  • Abbreviation: SD, standard deviation.

  • *** P< .01,

  • ** P< .05

  • * P< .10.

  • a P value from t test.

  • b P value from chi-square test.

  • c Wealth index score ranges from 0 to 1.